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One Yoga Planet
(772) 318-9695
116 Avenue A unit B
Port St Lucie, FL
Yoga Styles
vinyasa, ashtanga, hatha & meditation

Palm City Civic Center
(772) 463-2511
1251 SW Carl Metz Lane
Palm City, FL
Yoga Styles

Pilates Space Florida
(561) 317-2835
4818 NW 2nd Ave.
Boca Raton, FL

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(407) 592-4926
6643 Crenshaw Dr
Orlando, FL

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Yoga and Inner Peace
(561) 641-8888
3964 Lake Worth Road
Lake Worth, FL

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enlighten institute
(772) 370-5585
Stuart, FL
Yoga Styles
Yoga Instruction / Yoga Therapy

One Yoga Planet
(772) 465-9339
116 Avenue A Ste B
Fort Pierce, FL
A New Dawn Massage
(904) 288-0223
3780 Kori Road Suite 12
Jacksonville, FL

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South Beach Sensations
(786) 298-3530
644 Meridian
Miami Beach, FL

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Reiki Clinic for the Orlando Area
(407) 620-5345
1417 Semoran Blvd. Suite 201
Orlando, FL

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Infertility: How Yoga Can Help

Conceiving a baby seems like it should be the easiest thing in the world. After all, the reproductive system is part of our basic human make-up. Perhaps that is all the more reason why many women and couples feel frustration and even emotional trauma when a pregnancy doesn’t happen exactly as planned.

There are a number of issues that can contribute to infertility; advanced maternal age, hormonal imbalances and low sperm count to name a few. Sometimes the cause is unknown and the diagnosis is aptly referred to as “unexplained infertility.” The reality is that no matter the particular reason a woman or couple may be struggling to have a baby, one thing is certain: stress is unhealthy for the reproductive system.

A woman may be dealing with fertility issues connected to advanced maternal age, for example. But if the woman is feeling stress in response to the fertility issues at hand, the anxiety itself can exacerbate her inability to become pregnant and create even more of an infertility issue.

Many women undergo expensive and time-consuming treatments such as IVF or IUI in hopes of conceiving. Even though the success rate of these procedures is often good, the financial and emotional burden of the treatments can wear heavily on the hopeful mother-to-be, rendering lower success rates.

Simply, if we are more relaxed, our chances of conceiving are higher. To understand why that is, we must first look at how we are wired biologically.

Fight or Flight

Stress is a physiological response, an ancient survival mechanism humans have used for millions of years. The stress response system involves a complex cascade of hormones and bodily changes that prehistorically helped us to think and move quickly when confronted by an aggressive animal or other life-threatening situation. Over millions of years, society has changed drastically but our stress system has changed very little. In today’s world, most of our anxiety comes from things that are far from life threatening: work, relationships, traffic, even joyful events like marriage. Yet our bodies respond to these stressors as if we were staring into the jaws of death.

To further understand exactly how anxiety can be so detrimental to fertility, it is helpful to have a basic idea of exactly what happens to the body physiologically. When we begin to stress-out, a part of our nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system sends the body into what is called the fight or flight response. In this state, hormones rush into the bloodstream causing a number of bodily changes to take place. One change is the shunting of more blood to the brain and muscles so that we may either take on the stressful situation (fight), or run from it (flight). This extra blood that is delivered to the brain and muscles is pulled from several bodily systems that are less important to imminent survival, one being the reproductive system. Without blood and essential nutrients, our ...

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