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Kundalini Meditation: Guided Chakra Practices to

Kundalini Meditation: Guided Chakra Practices to
Activate the Energy of Awakening

(Sounds True, January 2010)

The yoga tradition of kundalini is often portrayed as the most effective and compelling practice for developing higher consciousness. Facilitated by kundalini yoga master Harijiwan Khalsa, this two-part audio session begins with a thoughtful and thorough explanation of energy systems and the eight chakras as viewed through kundalini. Later meditations cover communicating with the chakras, experiencing and projecting energy, creating mindful change, and the power and usefulness of the gong for enhancing change through meditation. Session two leads off with a chakra cleansing utilizing the gong, and moves through a separate clearing meditation targeting each chakra in sequence. Khalsa, who traversed the world with his teacher, Yogi Bhajan, helped to introduce kundalini to the Western world, and is recognized as a leader in the fields of hypnotic thought repatterning and compassionate face reading.

—Debra Bokur...

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