Meditation Workshops Louisville KY

Meditation workshops guide students through sitting meditation and walking meditation. Breathing techniques are a large part of a meditation practice. During meditation, participants go through an inner journey to achieve mindfulness. See below to learn more and for spas in Louisville, KY that give access to mediation instructors who provide meditation workshops.

Steps to Instant Calm

Steps to Instant Calm

From traffic tension and work deadlines to health and money issues, stress and anxiety are almost hardwired into daily modern existence. Yet given the detrimental affects of these two all-too-common emotional states, having some strategies on hand to manage and cope with them is a powerful ally toward better health. So, the next time you feel your breath shortening, your heart rate increasing and the adrenaline starting to course through your veins try one of our five instant calming techniques:

  • Ground yourself in the present moment - close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel your feet on the ground and the air on your skin. A lot of anxiety is caused my the uncertainty of the future, so getting present is key.
  • Skip the caffeine โ€“ that same little rush that can give you the jitters can send your nervous system into overdrive during times of stress. Instead go for green tea or a calming herbal like Chamomile .
  • Try child's pose (click here and scroll down for instructions) โ€“ this classic yoga posture is restorative and nurturing, creating a feeling of safety.
  • Reach for lavender or bergamot essential oils or products. These two scents are beloved for their calming, uplifting properties. Dab them on your temples, inside your wrists, or rub between your palms and breathe deeply for several minutes
  • Take a brisk walk โ€“ movement and exercise can help 'burn off' stress and anxiety and offer a fresh perspective on the situation.

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