Organic Hair Coloring Asheville NC

Organic hair coloring may consist of ammonia-free hair color and chemical-free hair dye. Homemade hair coloring methods are also organic- you can make homemade hair lightener, hair dye, and red hair tint. Henna hair dye is another organic option. See below to learn more and for salons in Asheville, NC that give access to organic hair coloring.

Fake it Naturally

Ever wonder what you're putting on your hair when you cover that gray? Or go from a brunette to a summer blonde? The typical salon colors that have the staying power to bind to each strand and resist fading from the sun and chlorine, contain ammonia, the most common stench circulating through salons.

Thankfully there are new products that avoid saturating the scalp with ammonia. Tints of Nature, features twenty-four permanent hair colors that contain certified organic ingredients like aloe vera (to moisturize), comfrey (to soothe and protect), grapefruit extract, and chamomile (to calm and heal) to help maintain hair's integrity.

Surya Nature, an environmentally responsible Brazilian hair color and hair treatment line embodies the natural concept of hair color. Surya uses botanicals from the Amazon that are free of parabens. You can color your hair more safely with Surya Henna Cream and Surya Henna Powder, both of which color each strand while improving the condition of your hair.

If you're not a fan of the do-it-yourself dye-job, get your tresses professionally dyed at an Aveda Salon. The salons use 93-99 percent naturally derived formulas to transform the color, texture, and health of your hair. Visit to find a salon near you.

Look, if you're going to fake it, do it naturally.


July/August 2007

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